Prisoner and the pole

There was a prisoner before. When asked about his last desire while hanging, he said, “Untie me from this pole and tie it to the other pole.” When the executioners were fulfilling this meaningless request, a horse came running and read the king’s edict, and the man’s innocence was understood. In life, we are busy connecting to this post from the pole, we hope that it will be a miracle that will change the flow of our lives.

Checklist Culture in Aviation and adapting this culture to our lives

There are tables in the aviation, which are called checklists, to remind you of important actions that need to be done in general and emergency situations. These tables are very actively used in cockpit and ground operations, and ensure that the flight safety is permanent. launched a tender for the purchase of distance bombers, the most admired Boeing company Model 299 (Flying fortress) among the participating aircraft. The reason for the decline was very simple. The new airliner had forgotten the control system. After the event, the tender was handed over to the Douglas firm’s DB-1 model. OK system was developed, but the most efficient was the Checklist.

We went down to the history of Checklist. So how do we adapt it to our lives and what are the benefits?

You can see the benefits of applying checklists to many areas of your life (at home, in the car, at work, at school). As a simple example, you will not forget your important things by checking the checklist you have created in your mind when you leave the house.

  • wallet
  • keys
  • phone
  • jacket
  • umbrella

In your business, you can keep your work efficiency as standard during and after work with the original checklists you have created.


Click here to read a more detailed text about the checklist history!



School Success of a Child Is Proportional Correctly to the Number of Books at Home

According to a study published in 2014, the school success of a child is directly proportional to the number of books at home. Surprisingly, this result is not linked to parents’ reading or socioeconomic levels to the child. In other words, families increase the intellectual level of children in the long term by establishing only a library at home. This has a positive effect on the academic success of the child. For example, the child of a family who does not have a library at home may fail at school while the child of a family with a library can be successful. Assuming that these two children are at the same level of intelligence, the child who is intertwined with the book is more advantageous.

Being in a house with a bookcase every day will make your child curious. With this curiosity, your child will start mixing books one day at a time. Today, what children do to spend time is unlimited. He may get bored and searched for what he did one day. This will be an opportunity for your child to spend his time with books.

Since the kids are curious, the library will attract their curiosity. When he spends some of his time with books, his sequel will surely come. In this way, basic skills such as loving reading and books, gaining reading habit and doing research on their own will start to be formed.

What needs to be done is to create a library containing at least a hundred books and books of various types and subjects. It is also important that the bookshelf and books are easily accessible.

 quotation from “Türkiye Zeka Vakfı”

Meeting with your favorite writer Arthur Koestler

Carlo M. Cippola, Berkeley’s famous economic historian, responded to his publisher who asked for biographical information; “Arthur Koestler once said that wanting to meet a writer personally because you liked his work is as silly as wanting to meet a goose because you like crushing foie gras.” The Economic History of the World Population 1962

What did we aim with the Fatih project, what happened?

Yazıya Gazeteboş adresindende ulaşabilirsiniz.

“Fırsatları Artırma ve Teknolojiyi İyileştirme Hareketi (FATİH)” (Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology) started with the idea of ​​equal opportunity in education and continued with the idea of ​​using technology actively in education. Works such as Smart board and tablet distribution, design and integration of online systems were carried out in the project, which was agreed with various companies. For the tablets distributed, it was agreed with companies such as GM, Vestel, but the general condition of the tablets is obvious. On the other hand, it is very clear that the students do not pay due attention to the tablet. On the smart board side, our local operating system “Pardus” was planned to be used and Smart board compatible versions were released, but Windows 7 is preferred in most public schools since educational software does not have active support. You can watch the video on the smart board that is left with the students when the break bell rings.

While this is the case, the two sides did not show the necessary attention to the project, there are those who discuss how necessary the project is. According to a report published in the New York Times newspaper, some senior administrators in Silicon Valley were reported to send their children to schools without computers. (You can find the news here)

As a person who actively uses this project in my high school life and uses both smart boards and tablets, my opinions are;

  • I do not like the project due to the fact that it cannot be used actively and beneficially by every teacher, students are not shown the necessary sensitivity to tablets and boards, and that the project has been subjected to different device auctions 2-3 times during the application with the logic of a Turkish proverb “the migration will improve on the road”.
  • However, it is a fact that it is used properly and it is used with educational software in areas where the sensitivity of the students to the devices is good, and it adds visuality to the education and revives the lecture process and it cannot be rejected.

I conclude my article with the hope of a detailed review in terms of technological, psychological and educational science along with the benefits and harms of the FATİH Project.


Hardware Simulations and Education

In the 21st century, it evolved and developed in education with the standard. Even in the past with low computer features, students can have hands-on lessons to have devices and sensors. “123D Circuit” was developed by Autodesk in this system which has the ability to experience developer cards like Arduino virtually.

A screenshot from Autodesk 123D Circuit

Everything seems nice, but it is necessary to question a little … Do such systems have any disadvantages?

Absolutely yes. Since no interaction is taken physically, a blindness can be experienced in the hand skills of the trainee. It is also a fact that the education that is physically touched and interacted by learning psychology is more permanent. However, when cost and other factors come into play, it becomes more beneficial to use such systems especially in pre-higher education (high school, secondary school, primary school and pre-school) education.

Another example of such systems is the “Cisco IT Essentials” software designed by Cisco. This software, which is used to train computer technical personnel, provides animated extensive information about component assembly and disassembly on desktop and laptop computers.

Cisco IT Essentials

Such software includes a number of advantages and disadvantages, as with any training method. It is quite logical to choose according to the scenario it is applied to. I support the development and publication of new systems of this kind and I follow them with excitement …